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The Truth About Bad Credit Secured Loans

Azul Stokes 0

Bad credit secured loans are, indeed, unique solutions for people with bad credit records which make the loans suitable for debt consolidation as well. For the very reason that these loans are secured on property they are seen as a ‘safe’ lending risk by the lender, so the interest rate (or APR) will be lower than would otherwise be the case. Therefore the burden of relatively high APR borrowing such as credit card and store card debt may be transferred, or consolidated, to a lower APR secured loan. The monthly repayments will be correspondingly reduced, which will decrease the burden on household expenditure and improve cash flow.

Secured business loans can be procured by pledging any securable property against the borrower’s loan amount, which usually means the main or only residence. The loan can usually be for any purpose.

Believe it or not, such loans can be used to improve credit rating. Bad credit secured loans are specially designed loans for people with a bad credit score to actually help get their credit record improved. By taking out such a loan the borrower’s credit score will actually improve as long as the repayments are met in full. More explained here :

Bad credit secured loans are the best way to raise funds for a borrower with an imperfect credit record if he wants a low interest rate and a good repayment term for the loan. The term itself can be set for many years, over which the value of the property securing the loan will rise. The equity thus securing your business loan will increase much more than the balance of the loan itself, under normal circumstances, so both lender and borrower are guaranteed financial peace of mind.

Loans of up to 125% of the value of the borrower’s property are usually available (for UK residents who own their own home) which makes the available finance potentially even larger, and therefore more useful especially when it comes to debt consolidation. Borrowing beyond the range of the debt may be possible in such cases, so the money raised may be put to uses such as home improvement, which will further increase the value of the secured property and protect the equity therein.

Homeowners who happen to have a bad credit history, perhaps with CCJs, arrears, or defaults, are more likely to have successful applications with companies who are specialists in bad credit secured loans. This is far more than with unsecured applications, because the property or asset is guaranteeing or underwriting the loan and therefore this is considered an acceptable risk as far as the lender is concerned.

In addition, business loans for bad credit loans offer probably the fastest processing of any type of loan application, especially if the processing is done online. This is because the lending company, or broker, will know that they will be in competition with other parties, and so had better provide the best quote for his client in the shortest possible time. Online application is, in any case, the fastest mode of processing any loan.